Man writes book to persuade women to get boob jobs after falling out with his wife

15 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Ivan, a 59-year-old from Florida, USA, dealt with his divorce rather differently from other men. 

He co-wrote 'The Convince Her To Get Bigger Breasts Manual', detailing how you can persuade your partner to get a boob job.

According to AsianTown, he wrote it in collaboration with his 47-year-old partner and boob enthusiast Victoria.

Victoria has gone from a size 26D to a 26K.

Ivan says this is because of his experience with is first wife.

He speaks of his experience telling his wife to get breast implants:

"When I bought the subject up with my first wife, I bombed completely…

"But I realised over time that I hadn’t sold the concept properly – that was the genesis of the idea for the manual."

Since splitting up with his first wife, Ivan has persuaded a number of other partners to go under the knife , and has been with fellow big boob enthusiast,47-year-old Victoria.

"As your breasts get bigger, your self esteem as a woman goes up too – you feel sexy and in the game," says Ivan.

Ivan may have been divorced twice, but he believes that his manual has helped save countless relationships.

He said:

"I received an email from a reader recently who was actually thinking of leaving his wife because he was so frustrated about her being flat-chested.

"I can understand how shallow that would seem, but when you’re going to be with somebody for 40 or 50 years, should you really resign yourself to a sex life that’s not satisfying."

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