Man who attacked AKB48 with 50cm saw admits to attempted murder

27 May 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

The man who attacked AKB48 members with a hand saw, Umeta Satoru, has admitted to attempted murder after being arrested by police for his crimes.

The victims of the crime, AKB48's Anna Iriyama, Kawaei Rina and a staff member, have all successfully completed surgery after becoming victims in a terrifying attack.

Rina suffered from a bone fracture in her right thumb, as well as a laceration. Iriyama fractured her right pinky and suffered a laceration to the head. The staff member suffered cuts to his left hand.

Surgery began at 9 pm local time and lasted 3 hours for the 3 victims. There were no complications with the surgeries, reports Jpop Asia.

Satoru's mother apologized for his actions in an address to the media. He was described by her as not really being a fan, with no CDs or event tickets being in his possession.

"It's so sad and agonizing. I can't understand why sad things like this ever happen," fellow group mate Yukari Sasaki stated.

A spokesman for the security company in charge of protecting AKB48 during their visits to Singapore in recent years told The New Paper that the slashing would have never happened in Singapore.

Fans who are going on stage to meet their idols would have been required to empty their hands. During bag checks, they would also be asked to discard potentially dangerous objects such as penknives and letter openers.

Even then, security personnel would be standing behind the fans so that they can react quickly should anything happen.

However on a whole, fans in Singapore and "obedient and nice".

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