Man tips dancer in front of wife -- and really regrets it later

22 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

This man learnt the hard way on why you should never tip a dancer in front of your wife.

According to a video uploaded on YouTube, the man who appeared to be drunk decided to tip a dancer.

However, he did not just pass the money to the dancer in her hand, he decided to stuff the money into the bra-let top that she was wearing and the dancer obliged.

Naturally, his wife was furious after seeing what he had done.

She then proceeds to take what seems to be a tray and hit her husband on the hand.

It is unclear as to where the incident occurred but one thing's for sure, never do anything that will irritate your spouse, whether you are drunk or not.

Find out what happened after she hit him in the gallery and video below.

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