Man spends over $7,000 on plastic surgery to get Adam Levine's nose, but his ends up crooked

25 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Malay Mail Online
Kristina George
Wednesday, Dec 24, 2014

He wanted to look like his childhood pop idol Adam Levine of Maroon Five but ended up disfigured for life.

Chai Wai Chuan, 20, spent RM18,800 to “sharpen” his facial features but the botched cosmetic surgery procedure performed by an alleged unqualified foreign doctor here has left him with a deviated nasal bridge and a deformed right upper eyelid.

Enticed by a flyer Chai had seen distributed where he worked, the store helper from Ampang said he visited a “beauty clinic” in Kepong on November 16 and met a foreign doctor who introduced himself as Dr Chan.

He was told that to look more like a Caucasian, he would have to undergo double eyelid surgery known as epicanthoplasty and nostril refinement surgery.

“I found it odd that no medical tests were carried out and he (the doctor) told me once the payment was made he would begin the procedure immediately,” he said yesterday.

Chai said the doctor managed to complete the surgery within three to four hours and he felt immense pain once the local anaesthetic had worn off.

“I brushed the pain aside thinking it was part of the healing process, and that I would soon have sharp facial features like Adam Levine,” he said.

Three days after the surgery, Chai noticed the deformities. Hurt by the pain, and feeling cheated, he returned to the clinic but was told they were unable to rectify the botched surgery, and a refund was also unlikely.

Chai, who said he was still feeling the pain, lodged a police report on December 15 and visited Kuala Lumpur Hospital where he was referred to a specialist.

“The specialist told me it was hard to determine the corrections required to make me look normal again because there was still a lot of swelling,” he said.

“He told me to return in January to see if further cosmetic surgery was necessary once the wounds had thoroughly healed and the swelling subsided.”

MCA Public Service and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong, who was present at a press conference with Chai, said there was insufficient control over illegal medical practices here.

He said he had received complaints on botched cosmetic surgeries costing more than RM25,000.

Chong said the Health Ministry and Malaysian Medical Council should be more vigilant on flyers promoting cheap cosmetic surgery or medical procedures. He said the ministry and the council should conduct more checks on medical institutions to ensure no illegal practices were taking place.

“People can be easily duped because there are many who want to improve their looks,” he said. "The officials must take action to protect these customers to ensure they are not lured into any medical procedure by unqualified doctors.”

Chong said it was not uncommon to face risks during medical procedures but these risks could be reduced if there were tighter controls by the authorities. 

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