Man leaves snarky note instead of tip at restaurant -- so his cousin decides to shame him on FB

1 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Source: TheChive

Dustin Clark couldn’t believe someone in his family could be so rude.

The Oklahoma City man spotted a restaurant receipt his cousin posted online after a visit to a local Joe’s Crab Shack.

His cousin thought he was being funny by putting ‘find sour cream’ on the credit card receipt line reserved for a tip.

Dustin didn’t find it to be amusing, so he decided to publicly call out his cousin on Facebook.

“So this evening at the Joe’s Crabshack on northwest expressway (I googled the address) my cousin and his wife went out to dinner there, and once they racked up a $71 bill they paid for the meal and instead of giving any tip at all they decided to give their own tip saying ‘find sour cream’ because the last time they ate there they had sour cream. So they were rude and only gave a rude comment as a tip”.

Dustin not only responded on Facebook but he also took it upon himself to find the waitress who’d been wronged so he could give her an adequate tip.

Dustin said, “So when I get off of work tomorrow I am going to go up to [Joe’s Crab Shack] and find this waitress and give her a $20 tip, 10 for the meal and 10 for having to deal with rude people, and apologize for her inconvenience.”

Dustin claimed that he later confronted his cousin about the rude behavior to which the offender justified the missing tip by saying, “they had sour cream last time we ate there.”

Needless to say, Dustin followed through with his promise and found the waitress… Not only did the post go viral on Facebook, but the waitress herself responded with boundless joy.

The simple act had completely made her day.

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