Man claiming to be Ailee's ex-BF allegedly tried to sell her nude photos

14 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

A series of nude photos, which are allegedly of K-pop star Ailee, were posted on Allkpop recently.

Kpopinsider reports that back in July 19, a man claiming to be Ailee's ex-boyfriend contacted Dispatch, a Korean entertainment news website.

He was asking the representative at Dispatch if they are interested in the photos of Ailee in nude.

The description of the photos he gave pretty much matches the ones that were released by Allkpop.

When the rep from Dispatch refused to discuss further, the man stated that there are other media outlets who were interested.

An official from Dispatch reportedly contacted Ailee's agency, YMC Entertainment, at the time.

A screen capture of part of phone conversation that took place between the ex-boyfriend and a rep from dispatch has been posteed online.

Here is the translated script of the conversation that went on.

Ex-boyfriend: I have several photos of Ailee. I'd like to know if you are interested

Dispatch Rep: What kind of photos?

Ex-boyfriend: She's completely exposed. Front and rear view without any clothing.

Dispatch Rep: Are they nude photos?

Ex-boyfriend: That's right. It shows her face in full view.

Dispatch Rep: What's the source of the photos?

Ex-boyfriend: I cannot disclose that. I received it personally.

Dispatch Rep: From who?

Ex-boyfriend: I received them directly from Ailee.

Dispatch Rep: Ailee gave them to you? Why would she do that?

Ex-boyfriend: I was Ailee's ex-boyfriend

Dispatch Rep: Are you in Korea right now?

Ex-boyfriend: No

Dispatch Rep: Did you get the photos through Kakao Talk or Messenger?

Ex-boyfriend: Yes

Dispatch Rep: And you are trying to publicize them?

Ex-boyfriend: That sounds about right.

Dispatch Rep: You could be in hot water for selling photos you received personally. You shouldn't be contacting media with that kind of photos. It's not about an accident or news.

Ex-boyfriend: Oh, that's right. Your take on this is different from other media. I'll contact back another media.

Dispatch Rep: What's important is that you are about to commit something serious.

Ex-boyfriend: It's not illegal.

Dispatch Rep: Yes, it's illegal

Ex-boyfriend: It's not in the U.S., but Korea..

Dispatch Rep: Ailee could sue you, and it's a valid case. People have been charged in the past for similar case. It's not right thing to do for a media to release those photos. Even if you have bad feelings about her, this it not the right thing to do. You shouldn't do it.

Ex-boyfriend: Yes, I understand.

Dispatch Rep: If you do sell these photos for money, you will get in trouble.

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