Male Korean idol writes 'I love you' on note to Nine Muses' Euaerin

11 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Nine Muses' Euaerin revealed the story behind one of the most memorable confessions of love she received!

As a guest star on and episode of Top Gear Korea', Euaerin said she had been the subject of attraction during a fashion show, reorts All Kpop. 

"All of the members were walking for a fashion show," she said.

"Our names were written on our costume hangers, and I found a note stuffed inside one of my socks.

"The note turned out to be a romantic memo written by an anonymous admirer.

"'I've always been watching you. I'd like to share a meal with you. I love you.'"

The letter also came with a phone number, Euaerin revealed.

Although she didn't give away the name, she confirmed it was from a male artist.

"I saved his number, and his name and photo came up on KakaoTalk," she said. "So I know who it is now."

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