Look where a male dancer put his hands while posing with Miriam Yeung for group photo

21 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Two days ago, Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) appeared at Macau's City of Dreams for the premiere of her new song Taboo's MV. Her husband Real Ting (丁子高) was also present to support her.

As a mother, Miriam still showed off her sexy and wild side with her all-new look. She also had many bold moves with the dancers in the MV.

Asian E-News Portal reported that after the premiere, Miriam, dressed in a black tube top dress, appeared on stage at the middle of the laser ball.

During the group photo, she was touched by a male dancer on the chest.

After the incident, Miriam expressed that she didn't notice -- and was surprised upon seeing the photo.

She said: "That's a big problem! I think it might be because the padding was too thick, couldn't feel anything, big trouble!"

When asked if her husband would take issue with this, Miriam laughed and said:

"I was touched by a foreigner, it's fine, and especially we were working on stage.

"But if he saw something like this at the doors then it would be trouble. In filming there are also situations like this."

Speaking of the whips in the MV, Miriam joked that she thinks playing with whips is sexy when others do it.

However when the whips are in her hands, it gives more of a 'correctional services officer' feel.

She revealed she brought home her role as a principal in a movie she filmed earlier. Her husband complained that the tone of her speech was impatient and ended without the final syllable.

When he saw her, he didn't even want to speak to her, basically regarded her as a 'Godzilla' but luckily in her son's eyes, she was still as sweet.

When reporters asked jokingly if she played with whips at home, she smiled and said:

"I know I have potential in some areas but I really don't have the interest in this area.

"At home, I don't even have a cane, I don't want to teach my son like that, really scary."

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Source: Mingpao via Asian E-news portal

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