Male co-star asked Kiki Tam to be his girlfriend -- even though he was already attached

8 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Female artiste KiKi Tam Kei Kei was once askedy by a male co-star to become the third party in his relationship.

Speaking in an interview carried in an report, Kiki refused to even consider that idea, claiming she would "rather die than be a third party".

"We were chatting normally like friends when it became ambiguous.

"If both are single, then I am OK (getting together with that person). However, he already has a companion, (so) I would rather die than be a third party."

She also added that her appearance often give friends the misconception that she is a boyfriend-stealer.

"Maybe it's because of my looks and my job that friends always mistake me for stealing their boyfriends. Actually, it's just that my personality is more tomboyish."

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