Male actors too embarrassed to meet Ga In's eyes during bed scenes

12 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Mnet aired a new episode of 'Beatles Code 3D' on February 11, featuring Ga In as a featured guest. On this day, she talked about her bed scenes in her "Bloom" MV and her dating style.

In relation to the MV, Ga In said, "Rather than being embarrassed, I, as a woman, found everything beautiful.  We were intoxicated by the atmosphere that I think we filmed everything shortly and quickly."

She said, "For bed scenes, I think men are even more embarrassed than women." Shin Dong Yup nodded, saying he heard that, too.

While Ga In acted without feeling any emotions, she revealed that male actors could not meet her eyes because they were too embarrassed.  

According to an allkpop article, he also revealed her personal dating style.

"I am the type that falls quickly in love.  I contemplate and imagine various dates quite a bit.  There were a lot of people I've liked, but I have not yet tried a really long-term relationship or experienced a love that would cause me a lot of pain. As a woman, I want to experience love a lot, but in terms of being a celebrity, I don't think my dating method is all that bad."

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