Malaysian's actor's ex-fiancee is my second wife, claims businessman

23 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

The controversy surrounding the relationship status of actor Fizz Fairuz and his ex-fiancee Azlyn Massiela Mohd Nazar continued when a businessman claimed that Azlyn is his second wife.Harian Metro reported that the man in his 40s, known only as Ramli, claimed that he had married Azlyn, 26, in southern Thailand last year."I have the marriage certificate, but I do not wish to reveal it as things are getting complicated. I have given a copy to Fizz Fairuz. Ask him," he said.The controversy began when the actor split from Azlyn, a week after their engagement. Azlyn, however, denied she had ever been married.Ramli, who had previously said Azlyn was not introduced to his first wife, later said they were close and that he had taken them on a holiday to London.In previous reports, Ramli had claimed that Azlyn was ill as she had lost her memory for eight months, and did not blame Fizz Fairuz as he had no knowledge of the matter.

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