Malaysian transgender actress Jessie Chung wants big showbiz break

7 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: The New Paper, AsiaoneJessie Chung is a fighter.Over the years, the transgender Malaysian singer-actress has received brickbats from all corners, but that hasn't dented her showbiz dreams one bit.From disparaging comments about her put-on high-pitched voice to disapproving looks from conservative countrymen who found her 2005 marriage an embarrassing public spectacle, Chung, who is in her mid-40s, has weathered them all."I remember after I released a Chinese New Year special album in January (2012), the Internet was abuzz with a barrage of negative comments," said the Kuching native in an interview with The New Paper at Orchard Hotel recently."Many people hated the way I sang, complaining that it was nauseating and 'unnatural'. Some went as far as to make personal attacks."It's okay, I've taken all these criticisms in my stride and I've worked harder to improve my vocals... and as much as possible, I avoid lengthy falsetto."Chung, who comes from a prominent family - her dad, Mr Chung Fook Siong, is the sole distributor of Hitachi products in Sarawak, while she herself owns Natural Health Farm, a health products business with 56 retail outlets - was in Singapore to promote her debut Mandarin studio effort of originals, Love In You.She boasts impressive academic qualifications too - she has a PhD in Clinical Medicine from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, with a specialisation in oncology.In Malaysia, she is a certified TCM(traditional Chinese medicine) practitioner.Even though she wants to shift public attention to her music, her identity as a transgender never fails to set tongues wagging.Born Jeffrey Chung, she successfully completed her sex change operation in 2003.8 years ago, she married Mr Joshua Beh, now 38, in a lavish wedding ceremony, believed to be the first same-sex union in Malaysia.View the gallery for photos of Jessie Chung before her sex-change operation, as well as photos of her lavish wedding in Malaysia.

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