Malaysian celebrity couple reveal how they enjoy marital bliss

29 April 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Source: The New PaperHe loves her for who she is and can hardly point out a flaw.She adores him for his thoughtful and romantic ways.It has been a year of marital bliss for Malaysian celebrity couple Yusry Abdul Halim and Lisa Surihani Mohamed, who celebrated their first wedding anniversary in February.They tied the knot on Feb 23 last year in a star-studded "French Vintage"-themed affair. It was even televised on cable channel Astro Ria locally and in Malaysia as a two-part special, following the bride and groom through their wedding preparations as well as the actual event.When The New Paper spoke to Yusry and Lisa in separate telephone interviews, they each revealed that they constantly keep the flame alive.For her, it's Yusry's little-known romantic side that makes her love him even more.Most might think of the 40-year-old film director and member of popular singing group KRU as a very serious person.But the actress, 27, revealed that Yusry constantly surprises her with little romantic gestures.When the pair celebrated their anniversary recently, Yusry caught her off-guard with a dedication on the radio and Lisa teared up and could barely speak.Without her knowledge, he had composed and recorded a song for her called Selamat Hari Kita."He initially asked that we do not give, each other gifts and that we should reserve it for birthdays. Of course, I protested because it was our special day."We were in the car on our way for dinner when he insisted we tune in to the radio. Suddenly, I heard the dedication. My eyes started welling up," she recounted."I then remembered one time he had looked so bothered and he explained that it was because he had the lyrics to the song in mind and did not want to forget."To me, it was a gift that is better than any other," said Lisa.On a separate occasion, Yusry had surprised her when he returned earlier than expected from a business trip in Bangkok."I usually pack his things when I travel and one day, I returned home to see shoes that I had packed for him in the house. It caught me very much by surprise," she said."He's very subtle about it and that's the kind of romantic that I like. He's not about candlelight dinners and lavish gifts. It's more personal."As popular celebrities, Yusry and Lisa lead busy lives. But the lovebirds constantly find time to be together.Yusry said: "Sometimes, she visits me on set and sometimes, I visit her on her set. We are rarely apart for more than four to five days."That said, when we are apart I do miss her."Lisa added they spend quality time together by going on holidays when they, can."We enjoy travelling and hope to visit Korea in June. At the end of June, we also hope to spend time with family in Singapore."But the self-confessed workaholic pair find it hard to separate work from leisure even on their breaks."We would promise not to talk about work, but somehow we find ourselves discussing it anyway," she said, laughing."But we are both in the same industry so it's understandable that we will talk about it."On-screen partnersYusry and Lisa will be collaborating on an upcoming film - he is to direct and she will act - due for release sometime this year, although they were unable to reveal further details.While they were still engaged, they co-starred in the film Ular, which was shot early last year and is slated for release later this year.It is about a crime reporter (Lisa) and her photographer colleague (Yusry) who are sent on assignment to an island resort only to find, to their horror, that it isn't quite the typical job.Lisa has no issue taking directions from her husband or working with him. It's a strictly professional relationship, they both agreed."I respect Yusry as a director and to be honest, I've always wanted to work in a film directed by him. This experience will allow us to learn more about each other in a way we haven't had the chance, to," said Lisa.When asked if it will be hard put aside their romantic relationship on the set, Yusry said they are professional enough to balance both."Like on Ular, we are professionals once on set. But once the director shouts 'Cut!', we'll be as we are. Once it's 'Action!', it's back to working mode again," he said.Yusry will be releasing his next directorial offering, international fantasy film Vikingdom, later this year.Lisa is starring in Malay drama Maskara, detailing the lives of four friends, each of whom has her own set of personal problems.She plays a woman who is extremely unhappy about her marriage and is still in love with an ex-boyfriend.In real life, Lisa evidently couldn't be happier with her hubby.The couple say they rarely argue and are usually on the same page. They say their 13-year age gap does not pose a problem.Yusry likes Lisa's maturity. She grew up with three brothers, the eldest of whom is slightly older than Yusry.He added: "Also, the chemistry between us surpasses that gap."Lisa said: "It's a good age gap, to be honest. We complement each other."Would babies be a natural progression?"We hope so," was their answer, although they are not planning to have children now.When asked how many children she would like, Lisa said: "Four ­­- two boys and two, girls. Just because!"

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