Malaysian actress left terrified by ghostly encounters

17 June 2013 / 3 years 11 months ago

Yana Samsudin, voted the most popular actress last year by Berita Harian readers, said she has been experiencing surreal and paranormal phenomena since she was young.For instance, she said that during the filming of the Adnan Sempit drama series, she often found her body temperature rising to as high as 42°C during magrib (twilight time) and plunging back to normal temperature by subuh (dawn), reports The Star.She had repeatedly gone for medical check-ups to see what was wrong but her doctor could not trace any ailment, Yana told Selebriti, the entertainment pullout of Metro Ahad.The 29-year-old actress, who also directs, writes scripts and sings, said she also had strange encounters, like finding clumps of hair at her workplace and her home.Her housemate also complained that Yana often had nightmares and spoke gibberish to herself.Yana also said she often had premonitions of danger, like when she once foresaw a young cyclist getting knocked down and moments later the accident actually happened."Until today, I cannot explain what is happening and it sometimes disturbs me," she said."I am terrified if I am suddenly struck by fever or find clumps of hair. I cannot focus and it drains me physically and emotionally," she said, adding that the situation heightened whenever she took, on roles in horror flicks.She said some people had suggested that she could be under a spell and had advised her to seek the help of faith healers but she preferred not to have any suspicious thoughts about anybody.

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