Makiyo can't afford to give dying mother a big ang pow

16 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Makiyo’s mother was diagnosed with fourth stage of lung cancer and has stopped chemotherapy treatment. Although the doctor told her she had only four months to live, Makiyo’s mother is living life to the fullest.Makiyo said, “Mum is looking better and she will go out with her friends for meals everyday. She is living happily and I hope she will continue to battle her illness. It is really hard on her," reports Apple Daily. Her mother said, “I am eating normally and trying to consume light meals. It’s fine just to lead a happy life.‘Besides praying for her mother’s health, Makiyo also pampered her with a NT$50,000 ($2,000) bag on Mother’s day. Makiyo used to give her mother an NT$100,000 red packet every year, but after she was involved in a taxi driver assault case with her ex-boyfriend Takateru Tomoyori last February, her reputation hit rock bottom. As a result, her earnings have been greatly reduced and she now has to rely on overseas performances to earning a living.Currently drawing an average of NT$300,000 ($12,000) per month, Makiyo selected a bag with a special meaning for her mother this year. “The bag was bought from Shanghai last week. It is called Angel bag and I think it suits my mum perfectly well.‘Related story:Makiyo charged with assault after taxi driver beaten, up, sent to ICUFans were unimpressed with Makiyo's comeback in Malaysia

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