Make-up artist reveals celebrity plastic surgery list

4 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Renowned Taiwanese make-up artist, Ray Chen, has shared his insight on which Asian stars he feels has undergone plastic surgery based on his years of experience as a make-up artist.

According to an article in Jayne Stars, while filming Trendy Master in Thailand, he shared how people can become more beautiful and revealed a list of Hong Kong and Taiwanese celebrities who he thinks have had received plastic surgery.

The list includes Raymond Lam, Huang Xiaoming, Leehom Wang, Barbie Xu, Dee Xu, Angelababy, Cecilia Cheung, Fan Bingbing, Elva Hsiao, Fish Leung and Jolin Tsai.

Out of all the stars, Chen feels Angelababy has had extensive plastic surgery.

He also said that Fan Bingbing’s facial features have been enhanced via plastic surgery, “Fan Bingbing received double eyelid surgery and had her chin altered. Currently, many people who are interested in plastic surgery set Fan Bingbing’s face as their ideal target.‘

Ray continued, “Fish Leong’s eyes, nose and chin were altered. Angelababy had the most extreme make-over. Whatever features she could alter, Angelababy had already done so. Her [original] face has worn away!‘

Currently facing marital strife, Cecilia Cheung was identified by Ray as receiving plastic surgery. “Cecilia received [porcelain veneers] for her teeth and got botox injections. Her breasts are too perfect and do not meet the normal ratio where typically, a woman with big breasts possesses large upper arms as well. Her upper arms are too thin. There are only two possibilities: either breast augmentation or liposuction on her arm.‘

On Barbie Xu, Ray noted, “Barbie’s face underwent significant changes. This was not achieved through alteration of [facial bone structure] but through botox instead. You can see that when Barbie appears on camera, her face appears ‘˜frozen.’ This is due to frequent botox injections. Facial bone surgery would require a one-month recovery process, however botox only requires one week.‘

Ray revealed that Barbie’s face looked dramatically different before and after make-up use.

“Each time she applies make-up, she needs to draw two lines around her eyes. Each line needs to be dragged out very long.‘

To catch on to the wave, Amei received injections to alter her chin. Ray said, “Her suddenly pointed chin was achieved through the use of Radiesse shots. Radiesse is considered a relatively hard dermal filler, providing better, long-lasting support."

He was of the opinion that Elva Hsiao looked better before surgery. He said, "the top part of her face is quite high and the lower part is also high." As for natural beauties, Ray said, “Zhang Ziyi and Patty Hou should be natural beauties."

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Photos 1 to 9 of the gallery show celebs Ray Chen feels have gone under the knife, while the rest of the gallery show other celebs before and after plastic surgery photos.

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