Maggie Lee's secret -- she has a thing for police uniforms

6 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Maggie Lee Man Kwan earlier worked with Best Actor Simon Yam Tat Wa and Maggie Siu Mei Kei on the police film THE CONSTABLE (CHUNG FUNG JIN GAING).

Playing a "cop lady" she said it was more than fun, but she was too shy to get photos with the cast.

She said, "Actually I really like them, but I didn't take photos with them. I was shy! However maybe because Siu Mei Kei and I are both called Maggie, she remembered me very well. She knew I liked spicy food and brought some chili sauce for me."

With an uniform "fetish" Maggie joked that she finally got to try "being a cop".

She said, "In the film I wore the police uniform, which I have never worn before. I thought it was very cool. In addition I have an uniform fetish, so I am already very happy about getting an uniform to wear."

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