Maggie Cheung slammed by audience for having a "voice from hell"

7 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Actress Maggie Cheung reportedly hopes to be a singer and release her own album soon -- which probably explains why the 49-year-old was spotted performing at a few concerts recently.

He recent performance at Shanghai's Strawberry Music Festival, however, was slammed by audience members, reports Asian Pop News.

They had labelled her as having a "voice from hell".

She performed two days later at a Beijing concert and said jokingly: "This time will be the same as last time. I will still sing out of tune."

She later added: "I will continue to work hard. I have acted in more than 20 films and was still being criticised as being merely as vase.

"Please give me another 20 chances. I will be able to do it."

Although audience members were not impressed with her voice, A-Mei's producer praised her determination and even invited her to be a guest presenter at the Golden Melody Awards.

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