Is Lynn Xiong acting pitiful to damage Aaron Kwok's image?

29 April 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

The highly-publicised break-up between Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung has resulted in loads of discussion over the cause.Although both parties have kept mum over the true reason that led to the end of their seven-year romance, a source in-the-know told East Week that Aaron had wanted out in the relationship since January.After failing to win back Aaron, Lynn intentionally acted pitifully before the media to torpedo his image.Some reports stated that Lynn had pushed the non-committal Aaron too hard towards marriage, thus causing discontentment.Other reports speculated that Christine Kuo was the third party in the relationship.Both Aaron and Christine have denied they were involved, but Aaron’s relationship with Lynn seemed to be beyond repair.An insider revealed, ‘Actually, Aaron suggested to break up four months ago. Coincidentally, Lynn’s father passed away. He didn’t want to be too harsh, as they had dated for seven years."He attended the funeral in the capacity of a friend to help with the arrangements."On that day, he definitely didn’t attend as a son-in-law.‘However, Aaron reportedly did not want to add to Lynn’s grief after her father had died.Aaron did not mention the breakup again after her father’s passing.The insider said that Aaron and Lynn did not see each and only stayed, in touch through WhatsApp.Aaron had intended to officially break off his relationship with Lynn after his March concert.The insider said, “Siu Mei [Aaron's manager] did not give any tickets to Lynn, so Lynn asked her friend to help her get tickets. Lynn intentionally went to two of Aaron’s concert performances to reinstate her status as Aaron’s girlfriend.‘Lynn staged the whole “hand waving‘ episode and thought that reconciling with Aaron was possible.After Lynn realized that Aaron had no intention to get back together, Lynn felt extremely hurt. According to the insider, Lynn hoped to win the public’s sympathy and purposefully painted herself as the victim.Aaron would be viewed as heartless, and this may have been Lynn’s way to get back at him for breaking her heart.No matter which report the public believed, Lynn was seen as the victim in this breakup.Many hate comments were directed at Aaron, blaming him for wasting seven years of Lynn’s youth.

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