Lynn Hung wants to marry a S'porean but "all the good men are taken"

26 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Hong Kong-based China model-actress' Lynn Hung's breakup with Aaron Kwok made headlines last year.

But this year, she shares some thoughts about how being single is no longer fun -- and that she thinks Singaporean men are great.

She revealed to ST Communities that she is open to having a long distance relationship with a Singaporean man.

"If I like him enough, then definitely yes, I would be open to that. Plus, that will give me more opportunities to come to Singapore for play," she tells Life! with a grin at a press event at Marina Bay Sands on Wednesday evening.

The 33-year-old clarifies that rumours of her having a Singaporean boyfriend are false.

"We're just friends," she says simply in reference to Mr Rodney Lee, an alleged Singapore tycoon whom she was reportedly dating earlier this year after the two were spotted having fun together at Universal Studios Singapore.

Still, the bachelorette appears to find Singaporean men attractive in general, praising them to be "gentlemanly and hospitable, always taking me out for meals when I'm here and taking good care of me".

"I have thought about that possibility actually, because I have many friends here, and they're always introducing me to guys here," she says with a laugh.

"If he suits my preference and I really like him, then it doesn't matter wherever I have to go to be with him."

In an interview with herWorldPLUS, when asked what her birthday wish was, Hung who will turn 34 on October 10, 2014, said without skipping a beat that she wishes “for someone to spend my birthday with me next year”. 

Perhaps she now understands why the likes of Vivian Hsu and Charlie Yueng fell in love and married Singaporean men.

In fact, Hung admitted, “I thought of doing so too!”

“Singaporean guys are polite and warm. Whenever I’m in Singapore, they are very good hosts and focused on showing me a good time. But all the Singaporean guys I know are already married or are in a relationship,” she lamented.

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