Lynn Hung can't lose to ex-bf Aaron Kwok, must get attached first

2 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung appear to have finally set aside their heartbreak and are now partying it up with friends and family.In April 2013, Lynn announced her breakup with Aaron, her boyfriend of seven years. Hong Kong tabloids reported that Aaron had been “in good spirits‘ since the breakup, flashing huge smiles while attending celebratory banquets and at public appearances, reports Sudden Weekly.Lynn, on the other hand, was reported to be “mourning‘ over the split and repeatedly reassured herself and her fans on Weibo that she would move on and let go of the past.Lynn has since moved on, and last weekend, she and her family went to Bali. Sudden Weekly reported that the 32-year-old also has an admirer and she is “competing‘ with Aaron to get attached.A source close to Lynn disclosed, “It was a seven-year relationship after all; it is not easy to just let it go. Lynn does have a pursuer, but he is not her cup of tea. She once told her friends that she must find her other half faster than Aaron. She said she can’t lose!‘On June 15, Aaron and his co-stars Chow Yun Fat, Donnie Yen and Eddie Cheung attended the Shanghai TV Festival to promote their upcoming 3D action film The Monkey KingThe 47-year-old was reportedly in good spirits. In the evening, Aaron and his co-stars attended, an after-party banquet for the film festival and did not return to his hotel until midnight. Aaron emerged from his hotel room an hour later in casual wear and went to Carina Lau’s famous celebrity nightclub, the M2 Club, in downtown Shanghai.A guest who attended Aaron and Law Gei’s nightclub party said, “The [private] party was held in the VIP room on the second floor. There were a lot of girls there that night, drinking and playing guessing games with the guests. Once Aaron arrived, the girls went crazy.‘Although security did not allow photos to be taken, several pictures were leaked online. It was reported that Aaron’s hands never left his champagne bottle and his face was red in most of the photos. A witness said, “There were champagne bottles all over the table that night. Aaron himself drank about ten bottles. He was definitely drunk. The [PR] girls noticed that Aaron was slightly buzzed, and swarmed up to him to take pictures. There was one girl with a very nice figure who was very persistent and did not leave Aaron’s side all night. It looked like they were having a nice chat, and [I] also saw them holding out their phones. They should be exchanging phone numbers!‘The source claimed that the tan-skinned “plastic Christy Chung‘ accompanied Aaron the whole night and even, forced Aaron to perform his hit single, “Love’s Calling‘ at the karaoke bar.Aaron reportedly did not leave the M2 Club until 5am. Hours later, an awake and perfectly sober Aaron was seen attending a public event.

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