Lucky kid gets real bionic arm delivered by Tony Stark a.k.a 'Ironman'

14 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Robert Downey Jr. reveals that he's a real hero, on and off-screen. 
For 7-year-old superhero fan Alex, life is a bit of a struggle (as he was born with a partially developed right arm).

According to Distractify, Albert is the founder of Limbitless Solutions, Inc, a non-profit whose goal is to supply kids-in-need around the world with low-cost, 3D printed bionic limbs.

Together, Alex and Albert have been working on honing the process and product, and the result is this beautiful bionic arm.

And who better to deliver the arm, than leading bionics expert Tony Stark?

It's a dream come true for Alex, who tries to hold back the world's biggest smile.

Watch the video below to see Alex's reaction. It will warm your heart.

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