Lovelyz’s Seo Ji-Soo accused of sexually abusing romantic partners

20 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Despite being newly debuted, Lovelyz has already been caught up in their first scandal due to serious allegations against member Seo Ji-soo. These shocking allegations cover a wide range of misconduct, many of a sexual nature.

Accusations against Ji-soo first began appearing a few weeks ago but gained steam several days ago. Since then, they have only picked up with more girls coming forward.

One of the first charges claims that Ji-soo roleplayed as Infinite and Exo members in 2012 on Kakao Story, reports Seoul Beats.

While this is an innocent enough activity for a teenage girl, the worrisome part is that Ji-soo apparently said overtly sexual things along with appalling statements such as “I want to rape Do Kyungsoo.”

Things only get worse from there as Ji-soo was then accused of spreading nude photos of an ex without their consent.

One victim even said that Ji-soo secretly filmed them having sex and spread it to the company the victim was working for. The victim ended up having to quit her job and even attempted suicide.

Read the rest of the report here.

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