Love Michelle Chong's comedic acts? You might never see them again

16 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Fans of actress-director Michelle Chong will just have to get used to the fact that she will be retreating more and more behind the camera.

In her new directorial outing, 3 Peas In A Pod, she makes only a brief cameo appearance as a blonde-haired, bubblegum-chewing Australian hotel wait staff -- a huge reduction in her acting profile compared to her directorial debut, Already Famous (2011), in which she had played the starring role.

Chong, 36, tells Life! in a recent interview that she simply enjoys her time working behind the scenes too much to be a full-on actress again.

"Writing and directing a movie like this, and being a part of a creative process - I'm just really enjoying that so much more now. I don't want to be in front of the camera anymore.

"But I did the cameo in 3 Peas because I know my fans who know me from The Noose expect me to do something like that."

She is well known for her many impersonations of character stereotypes in local TV comedy sketch series The Noose. She left the show last year after five seasons.

Still, she reassures fans that she will not be leaving the screens forever. "If a good opportunity arises for me to be part of the collaborative process as well as to act, then yeah, I can still act in front of the screen. It depends on the project."

Her new movie is about three university students who go on a road trip through Australia together.

It stars Singaporean newbie Jae Liew, 23, Taiwanese singer-actor Calvin Chen, 32, and Korean pop idol Alexander Lee Eusebio, 25 - an international cast that Chong can describe only as "perfect".

Read the full report in The Straits Times.

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