Love Hyomin's 'Nice Body'? You won't believe how hard she worked for it

2 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

At the press conference for Hyomin's first solo mini-album, 'Nice Body', in Samsung-dong, Seoul on June 30, the T-ara member told reporters that she had felt burdened by the title track and worked hard to get her body in shape for promotions.

According to an article on allkpop, she admitted, "When I first heard the title track 'Nice Body,' I felt really pressured.

"Firstly, there are a lot of people with nice figures, and there was an emphasis on how I should portray this song. I did worry about the song and choreography, but I can't leave out exercise and diet. I looked for a different method this time and wanted to try something I haven't done before."

She went into more details: "I did crossfit exercises and diet side-by-side; the exercise is really hot nowadays. For one week, my muscles were sore to the point I lied in bed.

"They said I had to eat well, so I did and my body started getting bigger because of the muscles. I thought that might not match well with what I needed to express, so I also dieted at the same time."

Hyomin also revealed to everybody's surprise that she lost 4kg from her 7-day lemon detox diet followed by a 5-day diet of a variety of healthy food.

Are you impressed with her 'Nice Body'?

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