Louis Yuen hopes to kiss Sharon Chan in every HK district

15 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

A few days ago, Sharon Chan and Louis Yuen were in Yau Ma Tei shooting a hilarious kiss scene. This time, Sharon puts away her beautiful long legs and turns into a four-eyes girl.She was suspended by wires 32 meters (~3.3 ft) above the ground for the kiss scene. The scene was about four-eyed Sharon accidentally dropping her wallet and her bickering partner Louis picked it up. Sharon quickly ran down the steps to grab it, but ended up flying down the stairs in an exaggerated manner and kisses Louis. That day, the crew was filming in hot weather. Sharon had to wear undershirts underneath her costume, which made it difficult to bear the heat. She said: "Louis and I are a bickering pair. I dropped my wallet and he picked it up. I tripped down the stairs and end up kissing him. We just hope to get a comedic effect. Today my costume is still before I learned how to dress properly, so I have the glasses and the no self-confidence look. I'll turn into a singer later."Before filming began, Sharon asked Louis jokingly: "How much money did you give the producer? How many times did we kiss already?" Louis laughed: "These are my benefits!"Following the last kiss scene they had on the beach, Louis gets to kiss the beautiful Sharon once again and she helps him wipe away his sweat. Louis, laughed: "This is our third kiss scene! Last time we had one at the Sek O beach, then in Tsim Tung and now in Yau Ma Tei. I hope to go around all of the Hong Kong districts! However, each kiss was by accident. We just hope to bring a comedic effect and entertain everyone. Whether we'll evolve into a couple, we still don't know yet because the producer is very secretive, so we don't know how this will end."

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