Louis Koo splurges over S$51 million on new film -- which some netizens have labelled 'tacky'

24 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

In 1991, before Louis Koo entered the entertainment industry, he worked as an assistant at a production studio and was responsible for getting drinks for celebrities like Sandra Ng.

In a twist of fate, Louis has now set up his own production company, which invests in films starring Sandra, such as “Golden Chicken 3”.

Continuing to diversify his portfolio, Louis has aggressively invested in films in recent years.

According to Jayne Stars, Louis is funding eight films this year, among which is a big-budget science fiction film Virtus, which also stars Louis.

Produced on a $300 million HKD budget, the film’s visual effects will also be produced by Louis’ company.

Louis hopes this film can show that the Hong Kong film industry is capable of achieving the same standard as major Hollywood blockbusters.

The film is set to commence filming at the end of this year, but has recently released a teaser trailer. The clip features Louis in a robot suit and action-packed sequences.

Opinions over the trailer were divided, with some netizens panning the visuals as looking too tacky, while some commended Louis for having the courage to produce such an ambitious film.

Watch the trailer of Louis Koo's new movie here

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