Louis Koo secretly dated for a year but broke up because of new GF?

22 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Do you believe that Louis Koo dated Taiwanese artist Joe Chen for a year but broke up with her because of his new love interest Michelle Chen?Well, these are the latest rumours according to Hong Kong media, reports 88 News.It was said that Louis first met Joe in Hong Kong 3 years ago through a mutual friend. Love sparked and the pair went into a relationship at the end of 2011.Their relationship remained stable and went unnoticed for a year until Louis met Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen through Hong Kong comedian Sandra Ng last year. Sandra even tried to play matchmaker for Louis and Michelle.Sandra revealed on a variety show that Louisand Michelle even went out for dates a few times.It was also said that Joe called Louis a few times to demand an explanation from him. She later broke up with Louis although he kept assuring her that Michelle and him are just friends.Joe reportedly started dating Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo after the latter comforted her while she was recovering from the breakup.Both Louis and Wallace declined to comment on the rumours, while Joe’s manager claimed all three of them are just ‘˜friends’.

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