Louis Koo is confident he can pull off a 'feminine' look

19 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: TVB News WorldLouis Koo and Christine Kuo were guests at a shoe brand's anniversary event. Christine led all the other models for a catwalk while Louis took to the stage dressed like a magician. In a great mood, Louis joked around with Christine, making her laugh without restraint. Louis expressed this is his first time being a spokesperson for a women's fashion brand. He was surprised when he received the invitation.He also said that he really admires the modern women after facing difficulties while walking around in high heel shoes during a commercial shoot. When asked if he'll try out women fashion, Louis responded by saying he has confidence in his 'feminine' look. Meanwhile, Christine also spoke about the love that women have for high heels. She herself has bought a lot of high heels to match her clothing just for work alone.She also revealed she has already chosen her dress for the TVB anniversary, saying: "I will look different from usual, give a cuter side of me. I won't be too conservative."When asked if she was afraid of being compared to JJ Jia and Samantha Ko who were both planning to dress sexily, Christine modestly said: "Usually, I don't have what it takes to be compared. Every individual has their own qualities; they have very nice body figures".Christine said when she first saw Louis, she thought he really resembled her cousin. For this reason, she has a special feeling with him, but her cousin is a fairer version of the tanned Koo.As for herself, she likes sunshine and masculine men. It really bothers her if her other half has better skin than her.

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