Louis Koo begs Japanese AV actress not to be so professional

16 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Recently, Louis Koo reportedly established his post-production company and invested in his own films such as Out of Inferno 3D <逃出生天 3D>, The White Storm <掃毒> and Golden Chicken SSS <金雞 SSS>.

His latest film investment is Naked Ambition 2 <3D豪情>, which is a sequel to his Naked Ambition <豪情> three years ago, reports Ming Pao via Asian Pop News.

Naked Ambition 2 is a comedy film starring Chapman To which parodies the Japanese adult video industry through iconic scenes with exaggerated expressions.

Besides investing in this film, Louis was also persuaded by producer Chan Hing Ka to co-produce and makes cameo appearance in this comedy.

After receiving positive reviews about his dramatic role in Golden Chicken SSS, Louis extended the role to Naked Ambition and took on the same identify as “Gang Men Gu Tian Le.”

Most men will envy Louis as he filmed a scene chasing around 6 AV actresses who have stripped naked. Japanese AV idol Kana Yume who possesses a 34E cup size also pressed herself onto Louis.

However, Louis begged for mercy and requested the AV actress not to be too ‘professional’ after filming ended.

“That actress is really very open and committed. She goes all out and takes it that she is really filming an adult video. After one take, I told the translator to tell her there was no need to be so ‘good’,” exclaimed Louis.

When asked if he was embarrassed filming with a group of naked AV actresses, Louis replied, “I had to face over 100 AV actresses in the last film. The scene was even more dramatic, but everyone was very professional. The focus is on the work. Besides, I am only making a cameo appearance this time.”

Meanwhile, lead actor Chapman confessed that he had a “reaction” while filming with L-cup actress Anri Okita.

“This is natural, I can’t control my body! If this were to be filmed in Hong Kong, we will worry if our co-star will be embarassed. But, if the Japanese think that I have no reaction, they will think if they have problems,” said Chapman.

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