Louis Koo aggravates old leg injury in fight scene with Muay Thai master

7 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Louis Koo Tin Lok, Sean Lau Ching Wan and Nick Cheung Ka Fai starred in THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK) and earlier shot the wrap scene. The three leads during the shoot fought until they were bruised all over, the ending was no exception. Goo Jai and Muay Thai master fought in close combat, during which he aggravated his old leg injury. Ching Wan got some powder into the corner of his eye from the reactionary bullet, reports On.cc.Earlier, Daneil Lam Siu Ming and Lo Hoi Pang prepared red wine and champagne at the set of THE WHITE STORM to cheer on the cast. Brother Pang led with the champagne bottle opening and spray Goo Jai and Ka Fai. Everyone ran for cover. Ka Fai who did not drink was afraid of getting drunk, so he kept lowering his head and pretended to pour for everyone. He thought he got away with it, but Goo Jai found out. He immediately teamed up with boss Lam Siu Ming and ganged up on him. Finally with just two cups, Ka Fai still left drunk.That night actually the wrap scene was shot. Goo Jai and a large Thai fighter fought. Because he was too strong, all the action aggravated his old leg injury. He needed to apply ice immediately to relieve the pain. Director Benny Chan Muk Sing immediately suggested using a double, but Goo Jai insisted on completing this scene. He said, "I, have always been after the perfect performance."Ching Wan on the other hand in a gun fight got powder in the corner of his eye from the reactionary bullet. He kept tearing up as he could not open his right eye. He had to rinse it right away to avoid an infection. Ka Fai was the first out of the trio to finish his scenes, but in the moment before the wrap, Ching Wan had to drag him around on the floor that was covered in broken glass and wood. Luckily he was not injured, but his head and back hurt a lot from being dragged.

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