Louis Cheung receives newcomer award in S'pore -- despite being in industry for 30 years

14 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Louis Cheung (張繼聰) attended a running event and expressed he always went for running.

When asked about getting the newcomer award (新人獎) in Singapore, he replied he was overjoyed.

When the reporters questioned him that he was not a newcomer, Louis said: "I am in the industry for 30 years."

In fact, he joined the industry as child star and it had been 30 years.

Louis continued to joke that being a newcomer had less pressure and said: "Becoming a newcomer is not bad! I can tell the director I am still a newcomer if he says my acting is poor."

Eventually, he said that it was important to retain the humbleness of the newcomer.

When mentioned about his wife, Kay Tse (謝安琪), will be filming TVB series and if he will be giving her advice, Louis praised his wife had talent and said: "I will help if I can and we will discuss after watching the series."

But every artiste will have their own thinking and perhaps I will become the chauffeur instead. He added that he will be filming new series end of the year and can see his wife in TVB City (電視城) anytime.

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