LOL: Selena Li more concerned about durians than winning awards

25 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago
Linda Chung, Selena Li and more appeared at the airport to depart for Malaysia for the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014.

Linda said: "I brought a long sleeved dress with me, which covers most of my skin. It's because it's relatively colder over there!"

Selena Li was seen wearing a t-shirt and a long white skirt and said: "I am feeling extremely happy, I want to eat durian".

She also said she brought along a relatively sexy dress for the award, reports an article on Asian E-News Portal.

When asked if she had confidence in winning, Selena humourously replied: "I am only just thinking about durian".

Take a look at more images of Selena Li and Linda Chung in the gallery below.
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