Local movie Judgement Day that stars Ah Nan opens today

18 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Source: My PaperA meteor has diverted its course and all you have are three days before it collides into Earth and annihilates mankind. Would you do something extreme in the remaining 72 hours of your life?Perhaps you would change your gender, which is what Liu Fu An (Henry Thia) decides to do in the film Judgment Day by Ong Kuo Sin.In this latest local production, which opens today, Ong's ironic take on doomsday tells of four main characters who make irreversible decisions, only to miraculously survive the apocalypse - and find out that their lives are ruined.Besides Thia, other familiar faces in the movie are: Henry Thia, Edwin Goh, Guo Liang, Rebecca Lim, Chua Enlai and Mark Lee, who is also the producer of the film.But all eyes will be on the late John Cheng, commonly known as Ah Nan. This was reportedly his breakthrough role from his usual gangster characters in Money No Enough (1998) and The Ghosts Must Be Crazy (2011).Instead, Judgment Day became his final act when he died from a heart attack on Jan 21. He was 52.The veteran getai singer was said to have delivered an outstanding performance in his role as a medium called Uncle Jiu, who does not possess the skills that he claims to have.Unfortunately, Ah Nan did not get to see the final cut before he died.Certain choices, can change your destiny - and when you have only 72 hours, the final decision you make might change your life forever.Especially if you do survive D-day.Get My Paper for more storiesRelated stories:Ah Nan died before he got to see his breakthrough role Ah Nan 'a kind man' in spite of fierce looks Ah Nan's family and close friends upset over photos of his body circulating onlineAh Nan had heart attack moments after he sang his last song at Parklane club 'Ah Beng bad boy' actor and getai artiste Ah Nan dies of heart attack

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