Local model who poses in undies: 'I have no reason to be ashamed'

23 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago
Photos of Lulu Joys: Lulu Joys

A spat between bloggers threw the spotlight on lingerie shoots when a wardrobe malfunction photo was uploaded. The New Paper went to find out why young women wear sheer lingerie and pose for amateur photographers. 

One if them is  21-year-old model Lulu Joys.

She has been called a slut for posting photos of herself in barely-there undies. But  Lulu is unfazed and says she is showing off her body while she still looks good.

Every time she posts photos of herself on her Facebook account, she gets called a slut - mainly because they are of her in tiny bits of underwear.

But that does not faze her. In fact, Lulu is proud of her work as a lingerie model.

She requested that we use her modelling name by which she is better known as.

"I have no reason to be ashamed because I am not doing anything wrong," says Lulu, who has been modelling for two years.

Lulu gets paid about $4,000 a month but it is not just the money that motivates her.

She says: "I'm young only once. So it is nice for me to show my body off when I still can.

"It's not so much about the money. It's more of vanity and having memories of myself when I still look good."

But even her vanity has limits. Lulu says that she will never participate in nude shoots.

"Photographers have occasionally asked me to strip in the middle of shoots. But I am firm when I refuse, so they do not persist," she says.

These days, she gives photographers her own set of terms and conditions that they have to abide by.

This is done via e-mail before any agreement is made between the two parties.

"You have to stand your ground and insist on these matters so that they will not bring it up during the shoots," says Lulu.

Read the full report in The New Paper. 


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Images 1 and 2 in the gallery are of Lulu Joys. The rest of the gallery shows local bloggers Peggy Heng and Yan Kay Kay, who were involved in a spat after some revealing pictures were leaked.

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