Local food guru KF Seetoh says SAF recruits' food at Pulau Tekong is actually...

2 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Source: SoShiok

It's official, our boys doing National Service in Pulau Tekong "get it good" when it comes to meal time.

Prominent Singapore food critic and authority on local food - Makansutra founder KF Seetoh - has said that the food at the cookhouse in Pulau Tekong's Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) is of a quality that is "way higher than it should be".

In a video - Military Makan - put online by Cyberpioneer on its Facebook page, Seetoh was seen visiting BMTC and eating in the cookhouse.

How did he rate the food? He had praises for the chilli that "rocks" and fried wanton that was "good". And he also said that it's comforting to know that soldiers can come back to a "hearty meal" after training.

Seetoh also joined some of our boys in green while they were eating combat ration. His verdict? The food is probably "not too bad" as he saw some servicemen "actually smiled".

See more images related to his experience in the gallery below. 

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