Local film director jailed for molesting actress

23 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

A freelance film director who molested a 23-year-old actress during an audition was jailed for two weeks yesterday.Louis Law Jun Yuan, 27, touched the woman's inner thigh after inviting her to his Woodlands flat to read a script, a court heard.Law - who did not have a lawyer - said he plans to appeal against his conviction, insisting that he is innocent and that the woman had acted in a "sexually inviting" manner.On Tuesday, the victim testified that she had met Law at a video shoot in February last year. She was the lead actress and he had a supporting role.He asked her to do a voice-over for a project and she agreed.When she arrived at the address he gave her, she realised it was his home. She said she was "quite turned off" when he greeted her in T-shirt and shorts, and led her to a room which turned out to be his bedroom.She sat in front of the camera and went through six takes. Each time, he sat a little closer.He then put his hand behind her while trying to correct the script she was holding, before patting her knee. When she looked at him, shocked, he moved his hand up her thigh.She said she slapped his hand, telling him to stop. But he grabbed her by the waist, pulled her closer and said "You are hot", with what she called a "horny" look. She threw down the script and, told him she was not going to audition any more.

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