Naomi Neo hits back at netizens who criticised her Instagram photo

7 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Local blogger Naomi Neo made an Instagram post to hit back at netizens who criticised her now-viral photo.

A photo of the 18-year-old in swimwear came under close public scrutiny after a few netizens said it had slanted windows that curve along the blogger's left arm.

They commented that this may be due to attempts at liquifying, a photo-editing effect.

At the same time, another Instagram photo of Neo in a tank top saw one follower asking if she had used the 'blur effect' on her armpits.

In response to what she felt was unfair criticism, Naomi made a post on Instagram. Here's what she said in full:

"I don't know how is it called "exposing" when I've already admitted it on my blog countless times that I do edit my photos. What's wrong with wanting to look good or better?

"It has nothing gotta do with my self esteem issues, more like it's normal to just want to look better. It's 2014 for god's sake! See, that's the thing about our society.

"You keyboard warriors spend days and nights stalking people you claim to "hate," put in a crazy amount of effort just to hurt others with your mindless, crude remarks and impudent behavior which is totally uncalled for.

"If you've so much time on your hands, use it to think about how you can make the world a better place.

"What sickens me even more are people who add fuel to the fire - commenting really unnecessary stuff just so that their comment would be screenshot and get them RTs on Twitter. Ask yourself if you're the real attention seeker or I am.

"I may not be considered pretty in the eyes of many, but at least I don't have such an ugly heart to be hurting people online just cos it's fun or cos I've nothing better to do. Grow up!

"P/s Thank you if you've been constantly showing me your support and are one of those who still bother to back me up time and again. I really appreciate it.

"This post isn't exactly to show how much I care about my haters, but more about how this has made me think a lot on how inhumane people have become; pissed that cyber bullying is encouraged over the recent years as a whole, not just about me alone.

"How people comment anonymously (or not) on young girls' accounts, saying they're too fat, ugly, too thin, whatsoever. It's saddening. Enough of telling yourself you're not good enough based on the standards that society has come up with.

"They are not standards, they are just unrealistic expectations. Now, stop."

Photos 1 to 14 show Naomi Neo's Instagram photos, while the rest show other Photoshop fails.

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