Local actress amused by men in Egypt who wanted to marry her

8 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

You've got to admit popular YouTube star and local actress Maimunah Bagharib, better known as Munah, is one hot babe.The 24-year-old Fly Entertainment artiste - one-half of hilarious comedy duo Munah and Hirzi, as they are known online and on television - turns heads wherever she goes because of her pretty face and colourful personality.So it's no surprise she attracted her fair share of admirers while holidaying in Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt with her family last year.During the week-long trip, the communication and new media undergraduate from the National University of Singapore, said a handful of Egyptian men had asked for her hand in marriage.She recounted to The New Paper: "It was funny actually. Arab men are pretty straightforward - I would know because I'm Arab!"Whenever I walked past a group of men, they would ask, 'How many camels?' That actually means 'I want to "buy" you from your father and marry you!' I found that amusing," said the star of the recent Suria drama, Munah & Hirzi: Action!"One shop owner was really bold and went straight to my dad for my hand in marriage," she added."Of course, my dad glared at him and pulled me away."Amusing encounters aside, Munah spent the bulk of her time exploring the history and culture of the country, something that she is, interested in.It was her second time in Egypt (she was first there at age seven), a country her mother said she was "obsessed with" as a child.She said: "My parents knew that I've always wanted to go back to Egypt, and so my dad planned a family trip for us to revisit this beautiful place."I was so excited because finally, I can really experience and understand the place as an adult."

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