Local actor Andie Chen drops marriage and pregnancy bombshell -- on the same day

26 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Local artiste Andie Chen has dropped two bombshells -- that he has married Taiwanese actress Kate Pang, who is also 10 weeks pregnant with their child.

An AsiaOne article cited a report on Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily that claimed the couple's two-year romance was previously under wraps, and the couple had repeatedly denied their relationship.

Pang, who is due in mid-2014, said she wanted to experience motherhood and hoped to have a natural birth.

Chen, 28, and Pang, 30, announced the news via their artiste management agencies.

During October's press conference for drama 'Disclosed' (揭秘), Chen was quizzed by reporters on him holding hands with Pang and their romantic involvement.

However, not only did he repeatedly deny this, Chen also challenged reporters to "produce photographic evidence before talking".

Later, he was caught by reporters strolling at Thomson Shopping Centre with Pang.

Surprised, Chen tried to flee, while Pang covered her face - but the couple later agreed to an interview with Lianhe Zaobao.

In the interview, they repeatedly denied their romance, but said they were "good friends".

Barely a month after that incident, the news that the couple have tied the knot and are even expecting a baby has broken.

Chen reluctantly told reporters: "I must apologise to everyone at this juncture. Because we are public figures, so we felt that if we kept our romance under wraps it would be healthier. What I did was to protect Kate and our baby, so I hope that you can forgive me."

Chen is also reportedly not worried that marriage will affect his career.

(PHOTOS: Andie Chen, ST, TNP, Wanbao, Zaobao)

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