Live rats set on fire and real child's corpse used to film scenes in disturbing Japanese movie

15 October 2014 / 2 years 1 week ago

If you haven’t seen T. F. Mou’s nauseating World War II horror film, count yourselves lucky.

The movie depicts the horrors of the Japanese Unit 731, where vile biological experiments were performed on prisoners of war, such as, perhaps most memorably, throwing a guy into a decompression chamber and watching his intestines fly out of his rear end.

However, that was just a special effect, so there’s no story, right? Wrong.

Other infamous scenes include live rats being set on fire, and a young boy being drugged and autopsied, and you know what? They’re both real.

Rats were actually set on fire, and the autopsy footage is reportedly of a boy who had recently died at a local hospital.

Though both the legality and moral fiber of what Mou did are totally questionable, it’s hard to argue with the effectiveness of his method: both scenes are startlingly authentic, and do in a sense add to the abject horror of the piece.

You just wouldn’t see something like this done nowadays, reports What Culture.

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