Liu Yan exudes 'female goddess' charm at signing event

17 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Liu Yan went from a 'hot news anchorwoman' to a 'female goddess' on Wednesday (Apr 17) when she turned up at a public event to sign on as a ambassador with shoemakers Moolecole.21CN reported that Liu Yan's outfit on the day -- a cream-coloured dress that was complimented by a necklace that had white flower pendants and golden shoes -- got fans and onlookers crowding out the venue, forcing the organisers to call for an increase in security personnel to maintain order at the scene.Despite the size of the crowd, Liu was reported to have maintained a good mood throughout the entire ceremony, judging by her sweet smile and her sincere interactions with fans around.She was also described by observers as a 'mother figure' when she managed to put a smile on the faces of little girls who came to have a photo taken with her.Check out the photos below to see why news outlets were quick to label her a 'female goddess'

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