Linda Chung spotted at supermarket without any makeup

24 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Linda Chung has been busy with taking care of her health and eating bland food as a result.

On Sunday, she was without any make-up at the big supermarket in Causeway Bay shopping for ingredients.

There, Linda was shocked to see the reporters but continued to wish them Happy New Year, reports Asian E-News Portal.

The reporters noticed that her boyfriend did not accompany her. 

Linda expressed that she usually 'Bai Nian' together with friends and the religion aunties.

When asked if she cooked personally, Linda said: "Yes." But she wished to eat bland food and did not eat much during the festive season.

Asked if she had any plans during Lunar New Year, Linda replied she had meals and watched movies together with friends.

When the reporters asked if her boyfriend, Philip Ng (伍允龍), accompanied her to watch movie, Linda laughed and said: "Let's not talk about this.

(Pressured by your friends and fans to get married?) Nope. They are open-minded and support my decision."

When asked about her upcoming work plans, Linda disclosed she will be releasing new album and had already recorded some songs.

As her fans had been waiting for two years, she hoped to release her album soon and continue filming series.

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