Linda Chung the next property mogul? She allegedly spent HKD$15 million on a house

6 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) is known to be very frugal and leads a simple lifestyle.

She is often seen catching a ride with fellow co-workers or taking the bus by herself, reports Jayne Stars.

Prudent with her money, Linda chooses to put savings towards investment properties instead of personal luxuries.

As one of TVB’s most promoted artistes, Linda often has a non-stop filming schedule.

Her music albums sold well and her healthy image makes her popular among advertisers.

She recently pocketed over $1 million HKD in endorsement fees.

Despite her wealth, Linda confessed that most of her clothes, bags, and jewelry were actually sponsored by different companies, allowing her to save significantly on clothing expenses.

She would feel guilty whenever she bought an expensive purse.

Linda prefers to invest in real estate instead.

Since she has saved up over the years, Linda was able to pay large down payments, resulting in small mortgages on the four properties she purchased.

Linda disclosed, “The two properties in Hong Kong are under my name. I have two more houses in Canada – one is under joint ownership with my father, while the other is co-owned with my mother. I want to buy more properties for my parents later. I’ve thought about buying properties elsewhere – like Singapore. I don’t have a lot of investment knowledge, but my manager helps me accept a lot of jobs.”

According to a source, Linda first purchased her Hong Kong apartment in 2006, merely after two years after working in TVB.

Since Linda only started her career, she got a mortgage on the $1.96 million HKD apartment.

As Linda’s popularity and income rose, she dropped $5.5 million HKD in full for her complex in Metro City Plaza.

In the last year, it was speculated that Linda also bought a 5000-square-feet luxury home in Canada estimated at $15 million HKD.

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