Linda Chung nearly drowned filming underwater scene

8 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

29-year-old Linda Chung admitted that she was quite frightened about filming Tiger Cubs 2, as some of the scenes required that she enter the water.

Linda revealed that she cannot swim, and that she "get(s) really scared if I have to do a scene underwater, and I’ve never tried opening my eyes underwater either.

She also said that when she was doing the first underwater scene for the movie, there was a moment where she believed she would actually drown, calling it 'devastating' experience.

In her family, she explains, only her father can swim.

Linda had tried to take swimming lessons when she was still studying, but she had failed to pick it up as a skill, leaving her with a lasting fear of water.

For filming on Tiger Cubs 2, she had to have a special platform prepared so she could stand on it.

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