Linda Chung keps mum about TVB contract -- but was not shy to say this

7 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Yesterday, Linda Chung attended the Disney movie Frozen's frozen village sightseeing museum at MegaBox as the opening guest.

Linda, who was wearing a long pink dress was described to be competing on prettiness and cuteness with Maxim's child star Celine Yeung who was dressed up as the movie's main character, Princess Ana.

Although Celine's singing was off-key, she immediately puts out a cute pose, stealing the spotlight, reports Asian E-news Portal

Rejects revealing contract term

Recently, many TVB actors and actresses are leaving TVB one after another after the expiration of their contracts.

Linda, whose contract is not up yet, concernedly responded:

"To respect the spirit of contracts, I cannot reveal the term of my contract.

In short, I still have quite awhile before my contract expires. I hope to see more artistes who I've collaborated before return to film more series. I would be really happy.

(It was rumored that Joey Meng didn't want to sign with TVB management so she left?)

Whether it's a manager or a department head's contract, the collaboration style is not the most important. The world is round, the most important is to maintain a good relationship."

Filmed at Hengdian but luckily didn't caught heatstroke Earlier, Linda stayed in Hengdian for two months to film Mainland Chinese ancient series Na Zha.

She pointed out that the weather there was inconsistently changing from sunny to rainy.

Luckily, she didn't catch a heatstroke and even learned secret ways to cool off. After she finished filming for the ancient series, she immediately returned for TVB new series Police Dog Brothers, which she'll be collaborating with Bosco Wong .

In the series, the two both have large amount of scenes with the dogs. Linda said as of now, she wants to try her best to build a relationship with the dog:

"Bosco has two large dogs; he has the "odor" of dogs so the dogs won't be afraid of him. I've never had this experience before so I have to continue to film and build a relationship with my dog in order to get into character. The kissing scenes in the series are just pecks, we don't actually kiss because my role is very arrogant. So she avoids him and therefore, we also don't have to worry about rumors."

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