Linda Chung insists Philip Ng did not pee in public

18 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

A few nights ago, a news outlet spotted Philip Ng, who's rumoured to be Linda Chung's boyfriend, with Taiwanese artist Vanness Wu having a night out in town.

According to a report on TVB News World, the two reportedly went to a few bars for drinks and came out with their faces flushed.

At that point of time, Philip had to use the restroom and was claimed to have sneaked over to a corner to pee while Vanness watched his back.

On Saturday (Mar 16), Philip gave an interview over the phone to clarify the 'misunderstanding'.

He explained that he was just praying: "Actually it was a problem with the angle of the photo, Vanness and I are both Christians.

Next time I won't put my hands in such an awkward position."

At a FoodRepublic event that day, Linda Chung -- who was making an appearance there with Bosco Wong and Christine Kuo -- burst out laughing when asked about Philip Ng's act being caught on camera.
and said: "Impossible! He would not do such a thing.

He wouldn't just pee on the street! I know Vanness was next to him at the time, Vanness is a devout Christian and once they come together, they pray.

He must've been praying."

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