Linda Chung had depression and always cried once she went home

4 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) spoke about her experience with depression at a talk on March 26, using her story to inspire others to persevere.

According to Jayne Stars, Linda has been open to discuss her battle with depression and often credits the experience to her personal growth.

Achieving popularity quickly after winning Miss Chinese International in 2004, Linda faced severe pressure from a heavy workload and suffered loneliness from being far away from home.

Through support from family and friends, as well as her own determination, she eventually worked through the hard times and gained emotional strength.

She was invited to speak at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology last week, a rare opportunity for artists from the television industry. Over a hundred students attended the event, many of which are her fans.

During the one-hour talk, Linda once again shared her personal story to encourage these students to bravely face hardships and not to give up. Recalling her early career, she revealed that she nearly suffered an emotional breakdown while filming Virtues of Harmony II <皆大歡喜 II>, her very first TVB series.

“I didn’t know anything so I had a lot of pressure. I was also afraid to talk to someone about it, especially those close to me. During that time, I would cry as soon as I returned home.”

After ten years in the industry, Linda seems to have found the right balance and is adjusting well to her hectic life. She demonstrated her technique for stress relief at the event, shutting her eyes and lifting her arms up by her sides while shouting “I can do it!”

Her talk was a success, and she ended the event by graciously taking photos and shaking hands with the audience.

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