Linda Chung crying her eyes out over rumoured breakup

26 September 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Philip Ng (伍允龍) may have called it quits after six years together.

Meeting on the set of Love is Not All Around < 十分愛> in 2007, Linda and Philip were rumored to be an item though both referred to each other as only a good friend. Many were skeptical about their pairing, citing Linda’s greater popularity and money-earning power as sources of trouble in an unbalanced relationship.

Despite the unfavorable public opinion, Linda stood by Philip’s side, and appeared sweetly in love whenever the press hinted about her secret relationship, reports Jayne Stars.

Although things seem to be going well for the low-profile couple, recently Philip was seen with a close female companion, prompting speculation that he has broken up with Linda. On September 12, Philip invited a young woman to attend the grand opening of friend Jazz Lam’s (林 子善) restaurant.

While the two pretended to be strangers in front of the cameras, they appeared close as they went shopping after the event. During their day out, the two often chatted and laughed over silly videos on their cellphones, and did not hesitate to look into each other’s eyes. Philip also acted like a gentleman, carefully supporting the woman as they made their way down an escalator.

In addition to Philip’s new female friend, Linda’s recent strange behavior also added fuel to the break up rumors. A source revealed, “Linda is known to be nice. She always spoke politely to everyone…. However, while filming Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎II>, Linda was very moody. She even yelled at production assistants and at fans who went to visit. She also sat aside alone and cried her eyes out, ruining her makeup. Everyone was too afraid to ask what was wrong!”

At a dinner celebrating the end of filming for Tiger Cubs 2 on September 17, Linda appeared with glasses and little makeup, not making much effort to hide her pimples and dark circles around her bloated eyes.

Close friends Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) and Grace Wong (王君 馨) accompanied Linda throughout the entire evening and helped her dodge reporters’ questions. Afterwards, the girls fetched a taxi and took Linda home. With many thoughts on her mind, Linda looked lost and confused as she made her way to her building.

Regarding Linda and Philip’s split, the source said, “Philip suddenly decided to break up last month. He suggested for both of them to spend the next few years focusing on their own careers, and that if they still love each other, he would then consider getting back together. Philip was very insistent, so Linda helplessly accepted it.

Later Linda discovered that Philip was getting close with his female friend. She felt like she was being lied to and hid at home to cry. She also spent time venting it out with good friends Christine Kuo, Leanne Li (李 亞男), and Grace Wong.” The source also cited Linda’s busy schedule and Philip’s chauvinistic ambitions as reasons for their separation.

The press reached out to Linda for comments about her rumored break up. When asked about her current relationship with Philip, Linda insisted that she and Philip are just friends and that she is focusing on her career and would not think about anything else.

When asked if she is aware of Philip’s new love interest, Linda said, “I know who you are talking about. She is someone from his church. That girl accompanies him everywhere.” Reporters then asked Linda whether she is upset about this. Linda replied, “No! I am very happy!”

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