Linda Chung and rumoured BF no longer an item? Here's her unexpected response when asked about Phillip Ng

1 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Linda Chung attended a dinner function as performer guest and will be singing two songs:

"The client requested me to sing one of my old songs (6 years ago) and I am afraid I will forget the lyrics as did not sing for a long time.

"Initially, I have practised to sing others' songs as want to try new stuff. I love Faye Wong and Sandy Lam.

"Ruco Chan and I will be going to New Zealand and perform singing. We will stay there for 5 days. I am thinking of the local fish maw and sea cucumber.

Reporters then asked if she knew how to cook, to which she answered: 

"Yes, Steven Ma taught me. Recently, I have been cooking and will seek advice from my friends."

When asked if his rumoured boyfriend, Philip Ng tasted her cooking before, Linda said:

"Nobody tries it before except my fans during the fans gathering. I boil for them as their reward.

(Boyfriend gets jealous?) Haha! I only have friends now."

Asked if she learned cooking in order to prepare being the wife, Linda denied and said:

"I want to be a good daughter as my mother said nobody cooked a nice meal for her after cooking for many years.

"I train myself to be a filial daughter slowly. My mother is returning in June and I can cook 6 dishes with 1 soup such as winter melon soup, spare ribs and others.

(Boyfriend cooks for you often?) I only have friends now."

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